About pop + dot


Hey you! I'm Shelby, a twenty something who spends her days loving Jesus, seeking adventure, pursuing people, and deepening my trust in our good, good God Father (or at least trying to).

Pop + Dot is essentially God's intervention in my incredibly ordinary life. I think we all have those "a-ha" moments over the years, personally and professionally. For me, this inspiration came from frustration at work. I am going through a tough season; I often feel a cloud of purposelessness surrounding my days and I'm simply not passionate about who I am at the office. Still, I know I am in God's will and trust He is using this trial for good. Though I fail often, I strive to be a light in my workplace while holding onto the hope that He can use my pain to help others!

Three years into spinning my wheels professionally I find myself grounded deeper in my church community than ever before. My circumstances haven't changed but I have. Slowly but surely, I have noticed deeper fulfillment, more joy, and tangible peace. I have prayed for months without answer, I waited expectantly on God for a new job and I even seriously considered quitting.

In the midst of this ambiguity, God graciously breathed on a dream I didn't even know I had. One day, He simply opened my eyes. It wasn't glamorous in any way, shape or form. He simply reminded me of my love for writing and re-ignited a nearly dead fire in me to help women, even those beyond my realistic reach.

I wish I could tell you that from the moment God dropped that in my heart I fervently chased it, but I haven't. I procrastinated, I doubted, and I distracted myself for months. All the while, that dream never faded from my consciousness. It was always there: patient, persistent, steady.

From the beginning of this journey, the Holy Spirit placed two ideas on my heart; purpose and trust. The lifestyle of "pursuing our purpose and deepening our trust" has become the motivation behind my days. Even though I fail often He has been so faithful in helping me share my journey with other women.

All of this is to say, WELCOME! My one goal in all of this is that we can not only relate but encourage each other. There are so many dark spaces in this world and I hope to be one of many, many lights for you! This is a place where I feel at home. I promise to be vulnerable and I pray that you can too. I believe so strongly that there is incredible power in open, honest community. Will you join me in pursuing our purpose and deepening our trust in the our good good Father?