"The best is yet to come". How many times have we heard this? I literally couldn't even begin to count... Don't get me wrong, I'm a supporter, this isn't me knocking it I just think it needs some flushing out. At least it did for me.

For years that phrase was the lock screen on my phone, the pictures behind it changed but the words never did. It gave me hope when I was hurting and assured me that God's not done writing my story. All good things right? But one day it changed completely.

Does God ever give you advice? Out of nowhere something will just click in your heart and mind and you're left with indescribable peace. Maybe God speaks to you in more sophisticated ways; maybe He gives you visions or audibly speaks to you. That's amazing and to be honest I  might be a little bit jealous but that just doesn't happen to me. Anyways, I am grateful for these “ah-ha” moments when they happen. For me, they don’t happen often so when they do it usually sticks.

One night I was going to bed - same routine checking devos, Instagram, Facebook, the usual. Finally, I am about to put my phone away and it hits me. I see that black and white print and God decides to drop a little nugget of truth into my heart. He opened my eyes to the truth, "Shelby, the best is yet to come because every single day you will get closer to me". I was frozen, so in awe and convicted. I mean it makes sense right? I had just never seen it like that before, bear with me here..

That night revealed the reality that my perspective was off. If I am honest, admitting that was humbling. I looked at that screen for years thinking - the best is yet to come, I'm going to meet a great guy, get married, have some babies and a cute house, maybe even get my dream job someday.. I don't know that I was even conscious of it but I would rehearse the whole thing, tailoring all that I had ahead of me because I was following Jesus. The reality is though, Jesus never offered those specific things.

I believe that God blesses His followers beyond what we could even ask, think or imagine. I really do. But what I was reminded of that night was that those earthly rewards aren't the point, HE is.

For so long I missed the point, I was focused on the potential results of following Jesus more than building the actual relationship. I didn’t doubt His promises or ability to fulfill the desires that I believe He put in my heart but I had developed tunnel vision for what He could give me. While these desires aren’t necessarily bad He lovingly showed me a better way. He revealed a much greater hope that I could rest in, intimacy with Him.

This intimacy isn’t a mystery; it isn’t a goal that I need to achieve or a life stage that I long for. It’s so much more than that. It’s walking with my best friend through every moment of everyday, celebrating the highs and learning from the lows. It’s the reality and reminder that I am never alone. It’s the confidence that I can embrace when my circumstances tell me that I am worthless. It’s the safety and security that is found in His arms. It’s progressing toward the truth that I am made whole in Him. It’s understanding the love that will never give up on me, no matter how many times I fail. It’s growing in gratitude because that love made me completely righteous when I couldn’t have deserved it less.

Thank you Jesus that today we can be filled with hope because we have unwavering assurance in You. Thank you that we can go into everyday expecting good things and growing in our relationship with You and Your people. Thank you that you are faithful to refrain our perspectives as we live this life for You.


Shelby RobbinsComment