What does it mean to LIVVE?

I don’t think it’s possible to overestimate the value of community. We all have been through and will go through trials and challenges. I am just here to say that in those trying times I absolutely fail on my own – every single time.  I know God can do all things, I know He will never leave me and I know the same Spirit that literally raised Christ from the dead lives in me. I know all of these things but do you know what often picks me up off of the bathroom floor when I can’t do it myself? My church, my mom and my sisters. 

I want you to know that I have been there. I have felt like I am the only one grappling with certain temptations; I have felt like the only one stuck in a particular life stage; I have felt like the only one continually repeating bad habits. In fact, I often still feel the reality of these insecurities. The pressure our society imparts on us is heavy and often leads me to compare. It’s no wonder we feel alone, how could we focus on anyone or anything else when we are busy handling our own insecurities? This competitive, cut throat lifestyle isn’t what we are made for and often, the only thing that can shift our perspective is Jesus. However, doing life with like minded individuals allows you and me the ability to take a breath, step back and stop striving. If we are all on this journey together, you can call out the enemies’ lies in my life and I can call speak truth against condemnation that may be creeping into your heart. Only then does the reason behind our feeling of lack become clear enough for us to conquer it. 

Although this may not be new to you I do hope it opens a deeper desire in your heart, a desire to live free. I can promise that you will never find deeper satisfaction and peace than when you are wholeheartedly pursuing the true purpose for your life. I have experienced peace that isn’t dependent on my lifestyle or experience. But it was only when I choose to continuously release my perceived control and pursuit of temporary desires. Living like this, open handed and surrendered to Christ, has been a process not a destination. If I have learned one thing in the last few decades it is how much I need you in this journey of becoming who He created me to be. That is why I am passionate about the testimonies, encouragement, and support that community provides. I believe that this is one of the foremost ways that God’s grace, love and power are exemplified. 

When you share your story it goes beyond simple words and experiences. That connection space has the ability to change my perspective and in turn, reassures my hope in God’s unfailing love and faithfulness. The way that God uses our individual experiences to, directly or peripherally, parallel other people's seasons will always surprise me. Especially because this encouragement opens my eyes to His goodness, helping me trust God’s plan in our own life even more.I hope you are as excited as I am to journey with each other both here and in our everyday relationships.

Let’s learn to love one another well, live with intentionality, encourage each other when we get down, and hope that through our vulnerability we can not only find victory over our vices but progress past the issues that distract us from God's best. But above all, let’s celebrate the real access that we have to life, acceptance and love. 

Let’s LIVVE together!